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Mental health, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, family and group therapy et cetera...

CETERA is an association of psychotherapists, who share a common philosophy, personal values and the effort to provide each individual client with the treatment, that is most beneficial for him or her at present.


We provide professional help and psychological care for resolving personal and interpersonal troubles:

  • Short-term as well as long-term psychotherapy
  • Psychological counseling for positive mental health, personality development, family relationships, stress management, conflict management and life crisis resolution.
  • Life and management coaching
  • Team coaching and supervision

We can help you if:

  • you are having trouble finding the sense of life
  • you are finding it difficult to adjust to living in a foreign country
  • you feel isolated because you cannot understand what the people around you are saying
  • you feel homesick
  • you need to reach a better understanding of what is happening inside you
  • you or a relative are going through a life crisis or a difficult situation
  • you have problems with your relationship and with understanding your partner
  • you or someone you know is seriously ill and afraid of dying
  • you have been suffering from insomnia and protracted bad moods
  • you have health problems that doctors seem unable to treat

The care is provided on the basis of a telephonical booking only. In case of an acute distress, please contact some of the specialized centers for crisis intervention.


PhDr. Jan Holeyšovský, psychologist and psychotherapist, cell phone: +420 603 417 991

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